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Our Responsibility To You

business man on phone visiting the Jack Dusty Clothing Page on facebook, wood floor.
Responsibilities - They are the foundation of success.
At Jack Dusty, our core responsibility is to you-our customer.
And to us, you're not just a customer, you're a client. Our aim is to provide you with the on going service of great style, to carry with you through all aspects of life.
Jack Dusty Clothing knows Men's Fashion. We started from the bottom of the mountain. Retail. Ground sales. Face-to-face contact with customers on a daily basis. Learning about what is needed in the day to day lives of the clients themselves.
From there we progressed to design and innovation. Providing the essentials for a specific target client - The Working Male. Garments and accessories that are high quality, hard wearing and ethically sourced, not to mention classic in style and timeless in presentation. We understand. We're one and the same.
Our promise to you is loyalty. It's a two way street, because we know working relationships are built on trust. We work hard for you, bringing you top notch style that will last at an honest price. You can count on Jack Dusty.
You have our word.

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