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Set The Tone - Jack Dusty Uniforms

Jack Dusty Uniforms - Chef in chef jacket and apron garnishing his plate

Introducing Jack Dusty uniforms for bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes. 

Hospitality is a tough business to crack. If you want to survive, you have to be pretty damn good, but if you want to be the best, you have to be perfect. Let it start with the presentation.
You need to establish yourself in this crowded marketplace they call hospo. Give your future customers a lasting first impression. Your staff's attire will set the tone for who you are as a place of business. When your employees look good, they feel good, and when they feel good, their service will be second to none.
It's a vital part of your business and if you skimp here what will it say about your food?
Our hand-picked range includes a selection of only the highest quality hospo items, featuring customizable aprons, organic fair trade pieces, branded t-shirts, hats, and a variety of chef's scrubs.
Visit our uniforms page today and set the tone for your establishment.





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  • Mark Johnson

    Nice range! I’ll be giving you guys a call when our uniforms are up for renewal!

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